SEP 14-15, 2019
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Started in NY in 2011, Vlado’s Mastering Workshops have successfully trained engineers from all over the world. Vlado is committed to sharing all of his mastering secrets, in order to continue his legacy by teaching the best and the brightest audio engineers how to truly master the art of Mastering. 

Here is the unique opportunity to attend the special Mastering Class with Vlado & Gianni in Italy!

After a mastering session in NY
Gianni Vallino and Vlado Meller after a mastering session in NY

The two days intense course will be held at Gianni Vallino’s professional mastering studio in Ala di Stura – Italy.

The mastering course will be chaired by master of mastering, veteran of the industry, Vlado Meller and Gianni Vallino.

The amount of people will be held to no more than 5 people, so everybody will have a chance to experience a real hands on mastering under Vlado’s supervision.

The overwhelming majority of the world’s most famous and influential producers continue to demand Vlado’s mastering skills on their projects. There is a very good reason. Rock solid performance for the past 4 decades. Vlado’s discography speaks for itself. Top hits worldwide, top of the charts worldwide. His discography includes many of the greatest records ever recorded. Even today, one of his latest records debuted at number one, worldwide. Using the very latest mastering technology, Vlado continues to define the current hit “sound”.

Finally, alumni of Vlado’s mastering  classes are encouraged to stay in touch with Vlado for mastering advice and council on any project. We are committed to building the mastering community worldwide. Once you graduate from Vlado’s mastering classes you become a member of an elite fraternity of mastering engineers who share, learn and grow together. As recording technology continues to rapidly transform the recording industry, we believe mastering will actually grow in importance and value in the process. Mastering still is, and will always be, the last critical step for release. Vlado wants to help grow your business and the industry.

Come join us for our next mastering class!

Meet our team

Gianni Vallino


Gianni starts his career as recording and mixing engineer, working with some renowned Italian producers like Emanuele Ruffinengo, Danilo Ballo, Roberto Maccagno and many more. His interest and capability let him decide in 2013 to move his main activity to mastering, so went to New York to attend to Vlado Meller Mastering Workshop. After that experience he started to work with artists, studios and producers from all over the world, mastering around 2000 songs per year of all music genres including pop, EDM, rock, metal, classical…and growing up his positioning collecting many credits and recognition.

Gianni’s credits include: Skin, Marlene Kuntz, Hamster, Serena Foster, Cix, Alxxa, 008, Order Of The Mess, Giulia’s Mother, Drea, Blaxmyth, Jessly, C-Bow, CoroMoro, Ilaria Allegri, Scarlett & The Fever, Giulia’s Mother, Crossing Belt, Dado Bargioni, Fase39, Alma, Eloïse, Paul Yakel, X.ARI, Sammy Listoe, Mot Low, Nicole Stella, Folclash, Manuela Francia and many others…


Vlado Meller

Senior Guest Mastering Engineer

Vlado is one of the best, undisputed masters of audio mastering. He is a two-time Grammy Award winner with a career spanning 43 years and who is still at the top of his game. His discography includes many of the greatest records ever recorded and widest genre of music mastered. From classical, jazz, rock, pop, hip hop to heavy metal. Using the very latest audio mastering technology, Vlado continues to define the current hit “sound.”

Vlado’s credits include: Beastie Boys, Andrea Bocelli, Johnny Cash, Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Kanye West, Paul McCartney, Metallica, George Michael, Oasis, Pink Floyd, Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine, Shakira, Barbra Streisand, System Of A Down, Weezer, Jack White, and many, many more…


Cinzia “CIX” Rosa

Booking manager

Cinzia “CIX” Rosa is well known as singer and violinist, owner with Gianni Vallino of KARIBU Mastering Studio. She start her career as background vocalist for many Italian bands and as session vocalist for EDM productions, then grow her soloist project with stage name “CIX” producing the album “Il Sole Fuori” (“The Sun Outside”) distributed allo over the world in all digital platform under Pig Records Label, getting great recognition especially in East Europe and South America. With the hit single “Paio d’Ali” she take part in all the most important pop music festivals like Vina del Mar (Chile), Cerbul de Aur (Romania), Eurofest (Macedonia), Songs of the world (Moldova), Discovery (Bulgaria) where she’s the first (and actually the only) singer awarded with 1st Prize both for Best Song and Best Performer. She works also as sound engineer taking care of voiceover editing and sync and she’s the mastering studio manager.


The Studio

KARIBU Mastering Studio is the state of art facility owned by Gianni Vallino and Cinzia “CIX” Rosa, equipped with the latest technology where is possible to get the highest modern level hit sound.

Built in an old chalet in Ala di Stura, a small and wonderful hamlet on the mountains close to Turin, KARIBU Mastering Studio got a very quite environment, great monitoring, perfect acoustics and a wonderful landscape and a lot of natural light that gives to the Mastering Engineer the essential concentration to meet the customer’s needs.


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